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    Shanghai Yongqian attends "Shanghai smart manufacturing industry technology innovation strategic alliance (smait) 2017 general meeting"

    Release Date:2020-09-09

    In early March 2017, Shanghai Yongqian was invited to participate in the "2017 member conference of Shanghai smart manufacturing industry technology innovation strategic alliance (smait)". At the meeting, the participating members actively discussed the current situation and future development trend of the intelligent manufacturing industry. Relevant leaders of Shanghai Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, Shanghai Municipal Commission of science and technology, port management committee and representatives of alliance member units attended the meeting.

    Xi juntong, Secretary General of the alliance, delivered a speech and read out the resolution of the second session of the first Council of the alliance. Mr. Chen tingjiong, Executive Deputy Secretary General of the alliance, summarized the work of 2016, reported the financial situation of 2016 to the Council, and briefly introduced the work plan of 2017. Relevant leaders of the Council of the alliance delivered a thematic report on the "new situation of Intelligent Manufacturing", interpreted the latest policies related to intelligent manufacturing, as well as the five core technologies and equipment to be conquered in Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering, and put forward new plans for innovation and development in the implementation of intelligent manufacturing application mode.

    "Shanghai intelligent manufacturing industry technology innovation strategic alliance" (smait) was established by Shanghai Economic and Information Commission in September 2015. It aims to promote the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry, guide products to high-end intelligent development, and improve the core competitiveness of Shanghai manufacturing industry. Shanghai Yongqian is fortunate to be a member of Shanghai intelligent manufacturing industry technology innovation strategic alliance. It will actively promote the development of intelligent manufacturing innovation technology and equipment R & D, build a new model of intelligent manufacturing demonstration, strive to create an industry benchmark in the field of "intelligent manufacturing", and make greater contributions to building Shanghai into a first-class intelligent manufacturing industry technology innovation center.


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